FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1)Who owns the domain names listed for sale at SingularNames?

SingularNames is the legal owner of every domain name listed for sale on our website. 
Every domain name listed on our site is for sale, and SingularNames does not currently provide listing or brokerage services on behalf of third parties.


2)How is the transfer process?

After we have received payment we will verify the purchase and transfer the domain to your own account at the domain's current registrar. Since domain transfers are a manual process, it can take up to 24 to 48 hours to transfer the domain to the buyer's account. Once you have received access to your account with the domain's current registrar you will be able to move the domain to the registrar of your choosing.


3)What are the payment options?

One time payment options:
Credit card through Paypal.
Deposit through bank transfer.

Installment payment options:
Deposit through bank transfer.
International money order.

4)Do you accept payment plan?

Yes, payment plan is available only through bank transfer or money order.
- Immediate use after first payment
- Payments that fit your monthly budget(up to 12 months)
- No interest
- Cancel at anytime(but payments will not be refundable)

How It Works:
When a domain name is purchased on a payment plan, after receiving the first payment,
we will ask you to inform the new nameservers of your hosting provider, then your website will be live.

Once all payments have been rendered, you will be given full ownership of the domain, and you will be 
allowed to transfer the domain to any registrar of your choice. If monthly payments are missed 3 consecutive months in a row, 
the sales contract will be null and void. The domain name will be available again for sale.

5)Does anything come with the domain name?

You are buying the domain name only.
No hosting, e-mail, or any other service will be provided by SingularNames.
The buyer will be required to seek hosting, e-mail, design, and other related services elsewhere.

6)Have you got more questions?

Email us: info@singularnames.com